We give people living with a disability the opportunity to take part in the activities they enjoy doing so they can lead the life they want and fulfil their potential. Our compassionate disability support workers strive to make our clients feel empowered to take control – and that includes finding out what they like to do and supporting them to do it.


Don’t be held back from doing what you enjoy

Whether you have a hobby, enjoy visiting friends, want to go shopping or would like to attend a social group for companionship, our support workers will assist you with the support you need so you can enjoy new experiences.

SpiritAbility recognises the value community connectedness can be on your health and wellness. Don’t let mobility issues, lack of transport or confidence hold you back from achieving your goals or doing new things.

Start making new connections today

If there is an activity you would like to do or a network you would like to join, speak to us about arranging a dedicated support worker to provide you with the assistance you need to feel included.

Need support to get out and do the things you enjoy?

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