Our dedicated support workers assist people living with a disability with the daily personal hygiene tasks they find difficult to do on their own including bathing, showering, toileting and dressing. With a little support, our clients can enjoy living at home with greater independence.

SpiritAbility encourages independent living so that life is fulfilling

Supporting you and meeting your needs

We work with you to your routine to ensure we can support you with your specific requirements. You may require assistance once a day, morning and night or just every now and then.

Getting to know you

Our support workers understand the importance of dignity and respect. They also appreciate the intimate nature of personal care so they take the time to understand you and your needs, your likes and dislikes and tailor your care to your instructions so you feel most comfortable.

Encouraging your independence

SpiritAbility encourages independent living so that life is fulfilling. But every individual is unique and we are here to offer the support our clients need without preventing them from doing the things they are capable of doing.

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